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Relocation Services France


What our clients say:
Professional, Enthousiastic, DynamicOutstanding

"Very personal service! My counsellor was an excellent support!" – Ciara C.

"The viewings of properties were excellent and perfectly matched my requirements. My counsellor was extremely professional and took the hassle out of the move. I cannot recommend her more." – Russel G.

"I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the fact that many times my counsellor went above and beyond her job description and that she listened to all our problems and had patience for all our frustrations, always with a smile and reassurance. It has been such a pleasure working with her and she made our life much, much easier on many aspects." – Maja B.

"Availability and fast reaction, professionalism, happy mood and enthusiasm!" – Maeva G.

"I really appreciated the availability and the reaction shown by your group. It helped me to find an apartment without delay which required to all of my demands" – Hadine G.

"Naydne was knowledgable engaging, professional in ever way. She was very easy to get a hold in the event of an issue. Excellent service. The reactive nature of everyone involved. The closure of the the old aprtment was handled brilliantly and the search was engaging and fun which is given the potential stress of finding a home." – Michel O’D.

"I was really impressed by the promptness with which the entire housing search was executed and by the rapid and helpful response I received whenever I asked a question!" – Giselle C.

"I appreciate the most the personal relation with my counsellor who really understands what I need and what kind of person am I. I also very appreciate the help she provides me related to a communication which was every time quick and without problems." – Lenka S.

"Thank you for your help. I would like to take this opportunity to point out to what extend I liked to work with my counsellor and with your society. Before, I had twice the possibility to work with some other relocation services but your society was just outstanding." – Olivier K.

Management Mobility Consulting is member of these relocation associations:

Worldwide ERC - The Workface Mobility AssociationRelocation France - Magellan Quality Label 2022Global Relocation ServicesChambre Franco-Allemande de Commerce et d'IndustrieSNPRM - French Association of Relocation and Mobility ProfessionalsEuRA - European Relocation Association